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According to the 2010 census, Fort Wayne has a total area of 110.834 square miles (287.06 km Receding glaciers eroded the land, depositing an evenly distributed layer of sediment during the last glacial period.

In 1763, various Native American nations rebelled against British rule and retook the fort as part of Pontiac's Rebellion. forces captured the Wabash–Erie portage from the Miami Confederacy and built Fort Wayne, named in honor of the general.This natural crossroads attracted the Native Americans for thousands of years.It later attracted the European explorers and traders and the American pioneer settlers who continued to develop the area as a transportation and communications center.Fort Wayne's urban tree canopy is 29 percent, double the state average of 14.5 percent Historically, Fort Wayne has been divided into four unofficial quadrants: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.Calhoun Street divides the southwest and southeast, while the St.

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