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The Featherweight is an excellent machine for piecing, but it is not recommended that machine quilting be done on it due to the possibility of burning out the motor.Having said that, many quilters on the internet report that they successfully machine quilt using their Featherweights.Since the feed dogs cannot be lowered, it is necessary to cover them up with plastic or cardboard in order to machine quilt.Some Singer attachments, such as the buttonholer, come with a feed dog cover that can also be used for machine quilting.The light weight and the fold-up platform are two indicators.Very diligent shopping should turn up one or more Featherweights in your local area, and they've been known to travel in packs, and reappear miraculously out of grandma's closet or attic!He had a government contract model made during WW2. These were used, according to him, by our armed services.

I recently saw a rare "free-arm" version of the FW for sale on America Online for 50!Mr Ridgeon said: 'To see this magnificent animal reduced to rotting flesh was hard, especially as it was likely that this animal had died as a result of humans ­- quite possibly an accidental collision with a large ship.'But in this beautiful creature¹s death, there was hope of learning something new about the ocean.'After leaving the sharks to their feeding frenzy, the scientists learned the first sixgill had arrived just 25 minutes after the whale carcass landed.The fold-up aspect allows the machine to be tucked into an almost cubical wooden case, along with its attachments.One variant is a model made for a short period in which the bed is detachable to allow "free-arm" sewing of cuffs and darning.

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