Consolidating 2 gmail accounts

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Step 5: Now just add the account you selected to receive all the emails to single inbox account.

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Having more than one G-Mail account had become today so essential to meet the needs, Having more than one Gmail account can be useful for some people to separate the personal mails and work mails.Luckily you can now combine the multiple accounts from your single gmail account.(Practically it’s not combing your email accounts, it just forwarding the mails to your single main email account from all other email accounts.If you’re scrubbing more than 250 contacts you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account at the end of the process, but you can complete the scrubbing process first to make sure it’s worth your money.If you already have an account or you just signed up, the next step is to upload your contacts files to Scrubly. Give it a descriptive name like “Merged Google Contacts” or something similar. After it’s uploaded and checked, you’ll be given the option to upload more contacts lists.

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