Vba example updating a text box

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Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) On Error Go To Err Hnd 'Variable declarations Dim SVUpper Limit, SVLower Limit Dim CVUpper Limit, CVLower Limit Dim TBVisible Dim WSName Dim Chart Name Dim TBName Dim TBColor Dim Red, Yellow, Green, WSCell Fill Color Dim SVColumn, CVColumn, Row Start, Row End SVColumn = 10 'column J CVColumn = 11 'column K Row Start = 7 Row End = 16 'Process only the SV and CV cells in the worksheet If ((Target. I'm open for suggestions on a way to preform a check of all cells to return them to a non-visible state...??

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I'd suggest in the forms on current record (so that it flags an error when the record changes) behind each controls on change event behind the forms on update event I wouldn't use a modal message box as those get seriously annoying if you are doing data entry.

instead she should have used null to indicate there was no result for that particular intersection of her data.

providing there is no reason why a null value should be sued I'd be tempted to set the default value to zero and do away with the associated problems of handling a null value Well, after all of this I discover the database is being updated with the change no matter where I'm putting the validation code. Back Color = 16777215 '16777215 White 65280 Green End If End Sub Pdata Ent8 Code: Private Sub Para71_Change() If (Me.

I'd change, say the background colour of the relevant controls to identify there is a problem, inhibit the update event (perhaps with a modal msgbox there though)This app will be used as a stand along Access database that will be run from a field reps' laptop.

The fields reps will use this application to load metric scores based on 32 different categories which will be evaluted on a field visit to a physicians office.

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