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Huckabee supports drug courts for non-violent drug offenders, believes that drug education fails and drug punishment works, and that stricter penalties for drug-related crimes should be enforced.He opposes the medical use of marijuana, and said he would continue to raid, arrest, prosecute, and imprison patients who are using marijuana as a medicine.He has described these "standards" reforms by writing, "[i]n 1998 I announced . He also said that scientists have developed other types of stem cell research that would not require the use of a human embryo.He said that "vital scientific research can and is being conducted without the destruction of life." During his 2008 presidential campaign, Huckabee stated that if elected, he would make the US "energy independent" by the end of a second term.The State of Arkansas was involved in a lawsuit to determine whether the state would be required to stop accepting Medicaid benefits from the federal government due to a discrepancy between state and federal law.

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Federal laws changed in 1993, mandating that Medicaid funds also be used for abortions in cases of rape and incest.

Huckabee claimed that if Medicaid funds were used in those cases, the state risked losing both the lawsuit and about 0 million in federal funding.

He supports flexible federal block grants for crime programs, and supports tougher juvenile crime penalties, but believes that the states should set them.

In the same statement, Huckabee also opposed increasing federal funding for HIV/AIDS research and suggested that Hollywood celebrities should provide additional funds instead.

Huckabee now supports additional funding for HIV/AIDS research.

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