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Sullivan said from the time the Penguins accepted Trump's invitation they have said the trip was 'not political.' 'Nobody is choosing a side, nobody is taking a stand, we are simply honoring our championship and the accomplishment of this group of players over the past two years,' Sullivan said.

'Everyone was made aware of the decision that was made and this was the choice that we chose.' The Pittsburgh hockey team has one back-to-back Stanley Cups and so visited the White House last year too, presenting President Obama with a jersey.

likely to be celebrating the birthdays of three great jazz artists, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk, all of them born in 1917.

Happily, there is great film footage for all three, documenting their youthful as well as their mature moments as performers.

Now he has to find her in a crowded car before the train reaches the end of the line.

A Single Life (2014), 3 minutes When playing a mysterious vinyl single, Pia is suddenly able to travel through her life.

Sullivan today said the Penguins presented Trump with a gift, but didn't disclose what it was.

With the giant Stanley Cup brought into the East Room the Penguins players lined up on risers and then President Trump and first lady Melania Trump came out. Asked about Trump's comments later, Coach Sullivan said the president was just trying to be funny.

When Emily contracts a mysterious illness, Kumail finds himself forced to face her feisty parents, his family's expectations, and his true feelings. 93 minutes filmed performance by Kate and Anna Mc Garrigle (together), since Kate's passing on January 18, 2010.The president couldn't get over how attractive the team was. 'In fact, I don't like it actually, I don't like standing in front of them ... Tough,' the president added, noting how Malkin and Crosby made up the Penguins' 'two-headed monster.' Trump complimented former Penguins player and now part-owner Mario Lemieux for his golf swing, calling his 'super' like the Nintendo character. ' Burkle, a former Clinton donor, had held fundraisers for Ohio Gov. 'The president has the right to speak the way he'd like to speak.we always like unattractive teams,' the president said to laughs. 'Look at him, he's shy,' the president, reaching out to acknowledge the star player. And looking to co-owner Ron Burkle, a prominent investor, he asked for some help renegotiating NAFTA.'He's a great, great, negotiator,' Trump first said. I think he was trying to make a joke,' Sullivan said.Free movies/films/screenings are among the many free or low budget, inexpensive events of the highest quality that saturate New York City's everyday life!Please see below a schedule of free movies/films/screenings that New York has to offer Waders (1967; filmed performance at Galleria - L’Attico, Rome, Festival Di Danza Vola Musica Dinamite, June 11, 1969) - Dancing on the Edge (1981, WGBH, featuring Opal Loop, Watermotor for Dancer and Camera, and Locus/Altered, with a lecture demonstration at Bennington College) - Set and Reset: Version 1 (1995, WGBH) - Aeros by Burt Barr Shape of Water, Blue Jasmine), a shy lady who works at a helpline call center.

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