Depressed dating

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A few days later our friend showed me pictures on a social network site of my boyfriend and Stacy skiing, going to the beach, at the weddings. I told him to take his things and get out of my house, which he did, but he had left behind his laptop and washer and dryer and refused to give me back my key.My family took action and decided to change the locks on the house.Needless to say, we began dating and it was wonderful.I was head over heels in love and he claimed he was too.He moved his things back in the next day and everything was great again.

I questioned her more and she looked bewildered that I had no idea that Stacy was always spending time at his mother’s house, even going as far as sleeping there on occasion. I questioned him about it, but he denied everything and claimed that our friend didn’t know what she was talking about.Two days later I came home from work to find that he had moved all of his things out.Hysterical with tears, I frantically tried to get a hold of him and when I did, I was told to calm down that he would be there soon.He would tell me he’d be home in a little while and he wouldn’t show up for hours on end.He would lie about stupid little things just to frustrate me and play games with my head.

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