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"..human interest", they write", "is missing from director Fujii's banal version.

Instead, he merely offers a superficial adulterous story with little or no relationship to Lawrence's characters." The film was not popular with the usual pink film and Roman Porno audience, it was advertised as a "love story", and proved surprisingly popular with female audiences, not the usual target for the Roman Porno series.

For all the happiness it brings her, Lady Chatterley knows full well the scandal that will flare up if ever her infidelity were to be discovered.

The original Lawrence was more concerned with class than he was with sex., resulting in a high profile obscenity trial (thirty years after the author's death), French cinema audiences were treated to this surprisingly risqué film adaptation by French film director Marc Allégret.The first adaptation of Lawrence's most famous novel, may appear tame by today's standards, but for the mid-1950s it was pretty steamy stuff and the film was banned outright in the United States.Whilst the torrid affair remains a secret the lovers are safe - but for how much longer?Then comes the day that Constance has been dreading.

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