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Now there is a BIG difference between writing about this solar phenomenon and doing a personal reading of course.1 – Live Skype consultation and you are strongly advised to record the session, my predictions always unfold and cosmic teachings can improve your health and your life in general.All long lasting planets information and predictions for each personal sign only – such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto; are incorporated in the new and improved “2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Dragon forecast for all signs.” This e Book is now available and we can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to get it.You may notice some deep psychological changes taking place in yourself or on your loved ones and knowing where those cosmic winds affect you at a personal level is the option to control the outcome.Indeed I am not immune to the stars and experiencing my own predictions for 2017 give us more convictions to the magnificent power of those celestial bodies.

Some newcomers may also post questions in the chat room and we ask our cosmic family that if you land on it before we do, to provide them with the help they need to navigate this website.

And if you don’t, those depressions will turn into panic attacks and dementia.

Thus my sad prediction of an upsurge of drugs, alcohol abuse, untimely deaths, and suicides…

Update – Personal and Universal Forecast for June 2017 January 2017 moon transits… 2017 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions Today, Terania and I will post our usual guidance and predictions, including various personal forecasts for all signs for our VIP’s to enjoy!

Then once we are done, I will explain what this critical upcoming solar eclipse will bring to the world and to each of our VIP’s by house and sign.

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